The Value of Giving People Space

An excellent article, we often try too hard to do the work of the Holy Spirit, we need to present the message live the message and listen. It isn’t nagging and not always pushing isn’t giving up it is letting the Holy Spirit water the seed you have planted. Most times being a friend, doing friend things and being who you are without the constant nag is all that is needed. Like Peter said “…be ready always to give an answer to everyone that asks of the hope that is within you..” I often think that this is the reason our witness is strongest when we live out the message of the Gospel when under stress.

Samaritan's Song

I hate, I hate, I hate being harassed by salespeople while I am shopping.

If I go into a store, after a salesperson greets me – which is normal! and fine! – I am the sort of person who wants to be left alone.  Do not follow me, pointing out the virtues of every product I am looking at.  Do not give me hollow compliments on my good taste.  Do not walk behind me, nodding and making little murmuring sounds.

It’s funny, because my husband is the opposite.  It excites him enormously when a herd of salespeople descend on him.  He loves asking questions and getting recommendations and being guided.  But I do not.  Because when I’m being followed like that, all I feel is pressure.  Buy this, buy this, buy this, is the beating heart behind every single second of our interaction.

When I went shopping a while…

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