For a month I have been trying to write this blog and keep getting bogged down with so much information that I can’t seem to put into a few words so this time I’m going to just write what is on my heart with a few references.


Having a happy, rich, and full life has less to do with the amount of money you have and more to do with knowing that God has provided you a way to have eternal life which is a free gift from God!    Steve Repak Crosswalk March 14 2016


When we hear someone say God wants us to prosper what do you think he is talking about?  Do you hear wealth of money and things?  I wonder what the scriptures actually say about being prosperous.

3John opens with:

3Jn 1:2  Beloved, I pray that in all things thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.

This is the verse often quoted when speakers affirm that as followers of Jesus we should have prosperity, what do they mean by prosperity?

My first reaction is that this is a greeting to Gaius to whom the letter is addressed, in today terms it probably could be stated ‘Hi I trust you are well and all your needs have been met.

Prosperity for me has always been having enough for my own needs and enough to share with others, it has never meant having a great many things or a lot of money, yet I have watched my friends and acquaintances run after money and things in search of prosperity, because they believe God wanted them “rich”.

So what does the scriptures say, I looked up prosper in the three Bible dictionaries I have;


euodoo , “to help on one’s way” (eu, “well,” hodos, “a way or journey”), is used in the passive voice signifying “to have a prosperous journey,” Rom_1:10; metaphorically, “to prosper, be prospered,” 1Co_16:2, RV, “(as) he may prosper,” KJV, “(as God) hath prospered (him),” lit., “in whatever he may be prospered,” i.e., in material things; the continuous tense suggests the successive circumstances of varying prosperity as week follows week; in 3Jo_1:2, of the “prosperity” of physical and spiritual health


euodoō    yoo-od-o’-o  to help on the road, that is, (passively) succeed in reaching; figuratively to succeed in business affairs: – (have a) prosper (-ous journey

εὐοδόω   euodoō

Thayer Definition:

1) to grant a prosperous and expeditious journey, to lead by a direct and easy way2) to grant a successful issue, to cause to prosper 3) to prosper, be successful Part of Speech: verb

All three have the sense of a journey with help as one goes. Having success in one’s life and business, what does success mean does it mean the accumulation of great wealth, for some it may but it won’t necessarily make for great happiness.

A prosperous life will be a full life, but sometimes there will be lack of things and ready cash, but will still be prosperous because of a strong relationship with God, family, and friends with all ones needs met on a daily basis.

I have known very wealthy people whom I couldn’t see as prosperous; they had an abundance of things and money, but were alone, in poor health and lots of family strife.  Having money and things doesn’t make one prosperous.

Yes, scripture does tell us if we obey God and live as he directs us he will give us the ability to get wealth, (Deut. 8:18) but we need to look carefully at the happened when the Children of Israel in the OT became wealthy did it always come to a good end?

We need to be sure that our emphasis is seek God and his will, not seeking money and things, then he will make our way prosperous.



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