Speak Oh My Soul

Speak O my soul in your distress

Cry out for darkness covers all

Where is the light to show the way

Cry and the Lord your God will hear

He will answer for he is light


O soul abandoned by earthly comfort

Take your rest in the arms of the Most High

Amidst your tears of sorrow rejoice

Your deliverer is present


In your sorrow find peace for God is there

The tapestry of life has many colours

Dark, sombre, clear and bright

Woven together create beauty

That endures and does not fade


As sorrow and joy success and defeat

In life create character

Reach out hear the cries of the people

Smile and touch a wounded world

Greed, bitterness and selfishness

Has robbed us of the gentle touch

The caring touch of undemanding love


Beware the Pharisee who exalting himself

Destroying the soul of all he touches

For none can ever reach his exalted state

For he has placed himself above all others

Seek then the company of common men and lowly


As the Saviour walked among us

He sought not the company of the self-righteous

But the needy and the common

His companions are


In the midst this motley crew

He found the twelve

Which grew to a body beyond number

Rough and ready with little to recommend them

Unified by the Blood of the Lamb


This body grows a triumphant Bride

Without spot or blemish

How can this be you say

This rags tag bunch are they not

Murderers, drunks, thieves, adulaters,

All manner of sinner.

Oh yes, by the Blood

They are clean holy, sanctified everyone.


None in their own strength walks the Kings Highway

In the name of Jesus a mighty army

Marches a multitude of love

Bringing hope and health

Joy and peace to that will

Come to the Cross of Jesus and

Be washed in the Blood.


Written Oct 1/91 E G Hicks

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